Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Saturday, 2/13/2010 11:13 PM

My Dear Jacob,
Today was so totally amazing!!! There are no other words for the Memorial Service. The Memorial started at 10:00am Daddy and I with Ferra showed up about 9:30, we pulled up towards the church and I said look at all those cars, its only 9;30, are they all for Jacob? Yes they were, we pulled into the church lot to find people standing outside, and others already waiting to sign the guest book inside, WOW, so many people. Patty Ruth, Ginny and others help with getting every ready, I walked in, it was set up so beautiful, your picture poster board in the lobby, the flowers, your picture and your Urn at the front of the church, at that point I started to go numb, things started to blur, this is not right, why am I here, I should not be here, you should be standing next to me at some fun event for you. People start to come up to me, I greeted, I smiled and I was being ripped to shreds inside, at any moment I felt I was going to fall apart. It’s sad to say but with all the people coming up to me I can honestly say I could not really remember every one. It was like I was in a thick haze. It was time to sit, as we sat and Rev Ron started to talk I found my self getting lost in your Picture that was in front of me with your Urn with the beautiful flowers surrounding it all. The words that were spoken by Rev Ron and Father Javier were amazing and moving, I could not have ask for anything better for my one and only son. We finished with a Music Video called I Can Only Imagine By Mercy Me

and a picture slide show with all your favorite songs. Then we all walked out side with the kids doing a Nerf Gun Salute to you (I know you were right there with your own nerf gun) and a balloon release.

Jacob all for you, I know you were smiling down on us today, and not to mention no rain not even a cloud. I could not have asked for a more beautiful day, blue skies with a soft breeze, the air was so fresh.
I know we have met a lot of people through your journey and also touched many lives, but I really did not know how many would actually show up to your service, can you believe there were OVER 200 PEOPLE at your memorial, WOW! Family, friends, both your Dr’s, nurses and people who read your Caring Bridge site, some of them were from out of state. It totally was AMAZING! I truly know you have touched so many people, what a blessing. You are one special person, my special person. We had a reception after at the house, we had approx 115 people for that. What a day, emotional and amazing, today was ALL ABOUT YOU JACOB!
You are truly missed and loved by so many, you were one amazing little man.
Love you and miss you so much Jacob,

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  1. I love the balloon release. Cancer really stinks.