Sunday, April 25, 2010

2/10/2010 7:27 PM

Dear Jacob,
What a day Jacob, today was a Happy Day, today was a day I brought you home were you belong. Daddy said he wanted to go with to go pick you up but I did not want to wait. It was also something I really needed to do. So while Daddy was at work I headed down to the mortuary hoping there were no mistakes on the Urn or the Death Certificate. Also wondering how it would be when she brought your Urn out. I got out in front and sat in the car overcome with emotions and sat talking out loud to you, people walking by probably thought I was insane, did I care, no! I rembered all the times you and I would be in the car and I would be talking to myself and you would tell me “Mommy stop talking to your self”, we would laugh and I would stop :o) I finally got out of the car and went in, with sun glasses on, walked in and told them I was here to pick up Jacob Samaniego. She brought your Death Certificate out first, I could not bring my self to open it and look at it. She then went back to go get your Urn, I stood there with my heart beating so hard as I tried to take deep breaths, thinking I can do this. She brought your Urn out and put it on her desk as I stared at it. She ask me if there was anything else I said no and told here thank you, as I pick you up off her desk. As soon as I laid my hands on your Urn the tears just started running down my face, there was no controlling it. I slid your Urn off the desk with both hands and wrapped my arms around you like a new born baby, nothing was going to happen to you. I got out to the car and put you in the front passenger seat with the seat belt on, there was no possible way you were going to slide off that seat. I wanted to call your Daddy and tell him I had you in the car but I was crying so hard there would be no way to do that. I got home and just so carful took you out of the car and told you, you are now home where you are going to stay with Mommy and Daddy.

I took a pic with my cell phone and texted Daddy to show him that you are now home.
Sweet Dreams Sweetie, I am so glad you are home!
Love and Kisses,

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